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The Albany matrimonial law attorneys of O'Brien & Associates possess the legal knowledge, negotiating skill and practical experience necessary to protect a divorce client's interests across the full range of concerns that are bound to surface in divorce.

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We will act as your personal advocates and tirelessly pursue your goals in negotiations and in the courtroom. Kevin L. O'Brien has nearly 25 years of divorce, family law and matrimonial law experience, and he is never shy about taking a client's case to court if the alternative is an unacceptable compromise.

Thorough trial preparation lies at the heart of our practice. It's not that we rush clients into court — it's just that nothing builds negotiation leverage like the willingness and ability to present a case to a judge. If we can avoid a contested hearing on a disputed issue, we do what we can to reach a satisfactory compromise. But we never need to lean on a client to settle because we're scared of trial, and this aspect of our practice is very well-known in the New York matrimonial bar.

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We also realize that the decision to settle or fight belongs to the client, and we support our client's decisions in all situations. Our lawyers are confident that the information, legal advice and practical counsel that we provide are the basis for sound decisions based on each client's goals and unique circumstances.

Choosing the right lawyer is the first of many important decisions that someone going through a divorce needs to make. To find out what the New York divorce lawyers of O'Brien & Associates have to offer you, contact us in Albany.